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Fabrics and Care


fabrics and care

Styles are cut from either cotton lycra, polyamide, chiffon or woven cotton


This fabric is used on garments to offer a choice for the wearer who prefers a cotton-based product, with the advantage of Lycra/spandex (8%) to retain the shape of the garment during your practice and after washing.


These fabrics are all moisture wicking; they pull moisture away from your skin, spreading it evenly throughout the fabric so it evaporates faster, helping the fabric to dry quickly. This means you stay cooler during your run or yoga class, and warmer afterwards as your clothing starts to dry the minute you cross the finish line or lie down in Savasana. It also means that you don’t have unsightly sweaty-wetty lines on your garments.

Chiffon and Woven Cotton

Used in floaty garments like the Harlequin pants

Care Instructions

NULU makes athletic clothing that we expect you to wear hard and wash hard.

General Care

  • Machine wash cold, no fabric fibre enjoys hot water
  • Do not use fabric softener as this inhibits the wicking capabilities in technical fabrics.
  • All garments have been pre-shrunk (they may shrink a maximum of 2% further)

Other Care Tips

  • We know that if you wash in cold water and hang to dry, the Lycra will last longer.
  • We have found that the quicker you pop your sweaty clothes in the wash, the less chance you have of ruining the fibre by lengthy exposure to the toxins we sweat out in practice.